zkHoldem testnet is coming to Linea, a zkRollup powered by Consensys

3 min readJun 12, 2023


GM Rounders,

It is with great pleasure to announce that Linea, a zkRollup solution powered by Consensys, will be our first partner blockchain to launch zkHoldem testnet.

Starting June 12th, zkHoldem will become available to all Linea enjoyers at testnet.zkholdem.xyz/linea.

Decentralized Poker Room as a Reality

Developed by Khartes Studio, zkHoldem is the world’s first fully on-chain Texas Hold’em platform powered by zero-knowledge proof, with fairness guaranteed on a code level.

Supported by our zkShuffle smart contract suite, we have managed to build a fully decentralized card shuffling mechanism where ALL players on the table need to contribute a piece of randomness to the deck they are using, effectively achieving a shuffling process that is impossible to manipulate by any single entity.

With this testnet version, the players can already try out all most core functions including:

  • Entire Game Logic on-chain;
  • Bet with in-game $CHIPS;
  • Create/Join room of 2–8 players;
  • Click-less in-game transaction approvals

We are also actively optimizing our UI/UX and troubleshooting along with our community members, so we welcome you to our official Discord server to share your feedback and suggestions.

What is Linea?

Linea, formerly known as ConsenSys zkEVM, is a zkRollup that is compatible with the EVM. It has been developed by ConsenSys, a prominent blockchain software company that offers tools and solutions for developers. The ZK network is designed with a focus on ease of use for developers, offering them familiar tools like Metamask and Infura. This potentially makes it much easier for developers to build, test, and launch dapps on a zkEVM, without the complexity that is often associated with traditional ZK development.

Set up Linea & Get LineaETH

Please follow this guide for setting up your wallet for Linea Goerli and you can get LineaETH from the offcial faucets.

What’s Next?

The Testnet launch on Linea marks the beginning of our journey towards a full-on zkHoldem mainnet launch, which is going to have complete community poker room support from the get-go, including:

  • NFT-gated Poker Room;
  • PFP/ENS support;
  • Community-specific Table Skin

In the long term, we envision zkHoldem to become the GO-TO poker platform for the entire Web3, and we are going to continue to support more and more NFT/DeFi communities to launch their own poker room with zkHoldem.

Join Us

Twitter: https://twitter.com/zkholdem

Discord: https://discord.gg/jjbSHQVnwg

Website: www.zkholdem.xyz




On-chain Texas Hold'em with 100% fairness guarantee. Powered by ZKP and Homomorphic Encryption.